Sarah McLachlan, Soundtrack: Charlotte's Web. While those clips are being shown, the song ‘In the Arms of an Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan is being played in the background. Overall, the commercial does a great job of using ethos and logos to make a point and persuade viewers. Sarah McLachlan - Arms Of An Angel Lyrics. She played music from a very young age, beginning with the ukulele at age four. Top Lyrics of 2011. With a voice that should make anyone's top 5 female vocalists in the last ten years, McLachlan produces music that is deep, rich, and frankly moving. In 2016 she recorded a Christmas album, Wonderland; there’s also her work as founder of Sarah McLachlan Music School, an academy for underserved and at-risk youth in Canada. Watch Random Episode. Singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan has a lot to be thankful for. You wouldn’t believe the video treatments we get. The parodies often spoof an ad featuring singer Sarah McLachlan whose melancholy song "Angel" plays in the backgro… Sarah McLachlan was born and adopted in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It reached #33 in the UK (McLachlan's biggest success there thus far) and the top 50 in Australia in 2004. “In The Arms of An Angel” was a huge hit in the late nineties, and it’s easy to see why the song and some of Sarah McLachlan’s others were huge boons within the charity ad industry. World On Fire With album sales well beyond the 30-million mark, founding. All this evidence proves the fact that the commercial is effective and still relevant, for it is being shown as I’m typing this, over 6 years after it first aired in 2006. The original inspiration came from Seamus Egan's instrumental song, "Weep Not for the Memories", which appeared on his album A Week in January (1990). We got married and had kids. It features a series of small clips of dirty, injured animals in cages and crates. The use of the song in the commercial, combined with the imagery, and Sara McLachlan’s words results in a moving experience. Twenty-one years later, the Grammy- and Juno-winning artist returned to the woods — namely, the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York — to perform a dazzling retrospective, billed as “An Intimate Evening with Sarah McLachlan.” With support from the New York Pops, the largest independent pop music orchestra in the United States, McLachlan emerged at sundown to share 20 of her greatest hits and deep cuts, and of course, a little gossip. Sarah Ann McLachlan, OC OBC is a Canadian singer-songwriter known for her emotional ballads and mezzo-soprano vocal range.. She has been a guest performer in Dancing with the Stars in Season 10.Couples have danced to her songs in other seasons as well. "Hold On" is a song written and recorded by Canadian singer Sarah McLachlan. “But [she and I] are still tight. The organization’s credentials are almost flawless. Sarah McLachlan, a famous and award winning singer, is used as the spokesperson to the organization, representing the ethos of the commercial. The boys get sucked into Sara McLachlan's melodramatic commercial. Regardless of what demographic audience it reaches, (which is an extremely important factor in television production,) when a commercial or a television clip is shown with the right amount of logos, ethos, and pathos it can reach out to a greater audience, therefore making it affective. Watching. She was previously married to Ashwin Sood. Because the ads feature images of abused animals they have a reputation for making those who see them extremely emotional. Some of her most popular songs include "Angel", "Building a Mystery", &quo… read more And Meghan Trainor. The famed singer has lent her voice to numerous commercials sponsored by the American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals that feature sad-looking animals desperate for a home. The intention of the commercial is to convince the viewer to ‘be an angel’ and save the poor animals dying in shelters by donating money. Afterglow was released on 4 November 2003 and was a success in North America, reaching number two on the Billboard 200, selling 361,000 copies in its first week of release and number one on the Canadian charts. I Will Remember You While stroking the dog she says the following: “Hi, I’m Sarah McLachlan, will you be an angel for a helpless animal? “Some lines you don’t cross… but it wasn’t a fling! And it works out rather well. A slow piano and voice plays in the background as a camera pans on Sarah McLachlan sitting on a couch with … While Stan and Kyle were watching a Terrance and Phillip show, a commercial on crack babies came on air. I saw Sarah McLachlan endorse an animal adoption agency on a commercial that played this song and I couldn't help but think how unfitting it was. She is known for the emotional sound of her ballads. The organization even provides governance structure and annual costs and donations information on their webpage, ( This is a very honest and transparent way of handling and broadcasting the organization’s resources.

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