Baldur was the youngest son of Odin and Frigg, and he was the most beautiful of all the Aesir (sky Gods). Powers and Stats. Kratos being a powerful Spartan Captain and Baldur being the God of light, he's often described as the joy of the Aesir. Odin) son Balder in battle and then chased Othen and Thor. 2.1 Balder the Beautiful (1877) 3 External links; Quotes The Völva replies that Váli will, when he will be one night old. Baldur Ivarsson, the stepson of Ivar the Boneless, was named after him. Known as the bright, the beautiful and the bright, Baldur is the son of Odin and Frigga. After he and Frigg had a dream in which they saw his death (with dreams being prophetic in Norse mythology), Frigg asked everything in creation to promise to not harm Baldr, only forgetting to ask mistletoe, as she thought it was \"too young\" to swear an o… He was cheerful and kind, and his smile brought light to everyone in Asgard. Driven to protect him, she magically made him invincible against all things, physical and magical, with one exception: mistletoe. Viking Clothes – What did the Vikings wear? He is meant to be the charmer, the healer, the friend of the good spirits, whose title could also be called the "unharmed" Brief Lore: Balder, Old Norse Baldr, in Norse mythology, the son of the chief god Odin and his wife Frigg. He had a dream of his own death and his mother had the same dream. Waterproof Viking. Highbays Tyr. Høtherus dealt him a deadly wound with a magic sword, named Mistletoe,[15] which he had received from Mimir, the satyr of the woods; after lingering three days in pain Balderus died of his injury and was buried with royal honours in a barrow. "Balder" redirects here. The two rivals encountered each other in a terrific battle. The most handsome of the gods was born to Frigg and Odin. Baldur is the god of summer sunlight and forgiveness. Balder is also one of the wisest of the Aesir and is the most fairest-spoken and most gracious. The Old Norse name Baldr ('brave, defiant', also 'lord, prince') and its various Germanic cognates – including Old English Bældæg and Old High German Balder – probably stems from Proto-Germanic *balðraz ('hero, prince'; cf. 02. Baldur was the Norse god of light and the most beloved of the Aesir gods. Baldur is the Norse god of light and son to Odin and Freya. Married to the goddess Nanna (vegetation) and father of Forseti (justice). All objects made this vow except mistletoe[11]—a detail which has traditionally been explained with the idea that it was too unimportant and nonthreatening to bother asking it to make the vow, but which Merrill Kaplan has instead argued echoes the fact that young people were not eligible to swear legal oaths, which could make them a threat later in life. [1][2] According to linguist Vladimir Orel, this could be linguistically tenable,[2] and philologist Rudolf Simelk argues that the original meaning of Baldr must be understood as 'shining day'. The final Baldur boss fight, how to beat Baldur, Mother's Ashes and The Journey Home are the final steps in God of War PS4's main story.. He is theNorse God of Light and the son of Odin and the goddess Freya. The Völva replies and says that Höðr will kill Baldr, and again says that she spoke unwillingly, and that she will speak no more: Odin again asks the Völva to not be silent and asks her who will avenge Baldr's death. Baldur (pronounced “BALD-er;” Old Norse Baldr, Old English and Old High German Balder) is one of the Aesir gods. For other uses, see, "Baldur" redirects here. The dwarf Litr was kicked by Thor into the funeral fire and burnt alive. For other uses, see, Merrill Kaplan, 'Once More on the Mistletoe', in, According to Carolyne Larrington in her translation of the, "Den virtuella floran: Tripleurospermum perforatum (Mérat) Laínz - Baldersbrå", "Some Controversial Aspects of the Myth of Baldr,", MyNDIR (My Norse Digital Image Repository), Sacred trees and groves in Germanic paganism and mythology, Mythological Norse people, items and places,, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 10:48. All did, except a giantess, Þökk (often presumed to be the god Loki in disguise), who refused to mourn the slain god. Thor and Loki Journeys to the land of the giants, Otter’s Ransom: The Rhinegold & Sigurd the Dragon Slayer, How Loki was caught and punished by the Æsir, The Viking Age Began Because of Heathen Resistance. There is also Baldersnäs (Balder's isthmus), Baldersvik (Balder's bay), Balders udde (Balder's headland) and Baldersberg (Balder's mountain) at various places. Baldr (also Balder, Baldur) is a god in Norse mythology and a son of the god Odin and the goddess Frigg. [21] In Germany lily-of-the-valley is known as weisser Baldrian; variations using or influenced by reflexes of Phol include Faltrian (upper Austria), Villumfallum (Salzburg), and Fildron or Faldron (Tyrol). "The god of light in Norse lore and son of Odin and Frigg. Balder is married to the Goddess Nanna and together they have a son named Forseti. When the god leaves the Underworld, at midwinter, the light increases again. Both Kratos and Baldur had promising lives before the gods messed them up.

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