40 hole arch top tone ring. Unless that's an existential issue. I found things I didn’t want, but I had to buy it because it was so cheap and I knew where I could sell it. I realized by the end of my first lesson that I had the wrong guitar, because it was a nylon string classical. They started inviting people like Buddy Guy and Little Richard and Muddy Waters who were right there on the south side of Chicago, often literally walking distance from the university. With Photoshop, you can make it look flawless. The company’s challenges speak to shifting demographics, something Gruhn is well acquainted with. You can imagine as a dealer, you wouldn’t like that. A classical guitar or a Flamenco guitar is tuned as same as a Stratocaster, but it doesn’t feel the same, and it doesn’t sound the same. Nashville's friendliest vintage guitar store, featuring new and used guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, ukes and other collectibles. It’s just like with antique furniture. I don’t know of any Generation Y collectors. I’ve been at this for 45 years now, and business and life in general sometimes have ups and downs. Epiphone’s Zephyr Emperor Regent of the early 1950s represents not only the most deluxe electric guitar the company ever made, it also marks the culmination of a 20-year rivalry with Gibson that kept both companies at the … People who collect rock ‘n’ roll guitars are not the same folks who collect classical or Flamenco guitars or steel-string flat top guitars. Condition: Fair. Different audience, different players, but most of the people who collect guitars do play. George Jacob Jung (born August 6, 1942), nicknamed Boston George and El Americano, is an American former drug trafficker and smuggler who was a major figure in the cocaine trade in the United States in the 1970s and early 1980s. I'm going to be doing an interview with George Gruhn live on line in the very near future and would like you folks that might have questions to ask them in this forum and … Some people buy antiques just because they like them and really want a piece of furniture. That changed after Bloomfield started playing with Butterfield. It actually took several years before it dawned on me that these nuisance byproducts were what were supporting my collection. If you’re looking for prewar D-45s, you’re keeping your eyes open so that when you walk in a pawnshop or a music store or checking out the classified ads, you do notice the others. I'm in Nashville for a wedding this weekend and have an '81 335 on hold at Gruhn right now. Even if you wanted a vintage one, it was hard to spend over $300. they jump all over the place. Source of wealth: pipelines Source of wealth: oil & gas, banking. The percentage of down and out fraud is probably pretty small, but the percentage of inaccurate descriptions is pretty high. Maple short scale. As far as Generation Y, they buy guitars, but they’re not collecting them. All original. He is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on vintage guitars, mandolins and banjos. “I purchased it from Bill Blackburn via George Gruhn in 2014. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The headstock has dowels on the side to repair the crack through the tuners. Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. I can’t believe it sits in my house to this day. If you’re not really expert enough to certify originality when you look at a guitar yourself, then you’re far better off to do business with somebody you know and you trust. They are not necessarily professional musicians. That started a whole new thing for vintage electric guitars, but that was to a large extent a different set of people. Eric knows the market, has the draw, and is available every day. Sometimes I feel almost like the Rolls Royce salesman who’s driving a Chevy. They remember when a Martin D-28 cost $100 new in the 1930s and now a good one is $150,000. ", Interview with George Gruhn - NAMM Oral History Library (2000), https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=George_Gruhn&oldid=918007620, Wikipedia articles with style issues from April 2017, Articles with topics of unclear notability from April 2017, All articles with topics of unclear notability, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1st ed. I took him a 1920 Martin tater bug mandolin once … If you have one guitar, you can list it on eBay or Craigslist. It wasn’t long before I found another guitar. For every one I’d find that I wanted to keep, I could run across fifty to a hundred that were great deals on things I didn’t want. This Friday, October 30 at 12 pm EST and 11:00 am CST watch this live Zoom call with George Gruhn. If I could take the collection I had in ’76 and stick it in a time machine and bring it back today, it would be worth about my entire current net worth. Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. Richard Kinder. by George Gruhn When I opened up my store in 1970, many of the most sought-after instruments were between 5 and 45 years of age. Actually, Les didn’t design much. They’re the best mandolins I’ve ever encountered. [1] He opened Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1970 and has sold guitars to musicians such as Eric Clapton, Brad Paisley, Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, Billy Gibbons, Rick Nielsen, Vince Gill, John Hiatt, and Hank Williams, Jr.[1] Vintage Guitar magazine described his store as a "landmark," and a mecca "for fans of collectible electric and acoustic guitars. George Gruhn is a writer, businessman and ophiophilist. George Gruhn began hunting for rare instruments in the mid 1960s in Chicago and went on to found Gruhn Guitars in Nashville; a mecca for vintage collectors and connoisseurs. I bought a Conde Hermanos classical guitar made in Madrid. View Full Version : Questions for george gruhn. They still remember the hundred bucks. If a saw a Fender Telecaster or a Les Paul or a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson ES-335 or a Gibson J-45 flat top, I knew enough to buy them. As a dealer, I certainly view it as a double-edged sword. I started out primarily as a collector and the business aspect of it evolved over time, almost by accident. I didn’t start out with the intention of being a vintage guitar dealer. George Gruhn, et al. Both of these were extremely well researched and useful resources for … Fender Strat, Stevie Ray Vaughan – $623,500 . Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. If it’s the 5k klon pedal or Brazilian rosewood neck, or signature guitar you’ve always wanted. 1,630 1. They’d be horrified of the prospect of actually being unable to sell it with a profit within a year. Appraisal by George Gruhn for $60,000. “I feel very honored to be able to represent the estate for these pieces,” said George Gruhn, who opened Gruhn Guitars in 1970 and was a friend of Dickens for more than 40 years. The people who remember something new at a hundred bucks, they’re not going to go out and pay 150 grand for one even if they had the money. But after that, they really started skyrocketing. I never looked for anything else, but you don’t have to. I started out primarily as a collector and the business aspect of it evolved over time, almost by accident. That happens plenty. This collection was sold in 1976 to finance the purchase of his house and the building in which his business was located. Check your bussiness partners or competitive companies for free. :cool: Your username is telling. Elderly – Lansing; Along with Dave’s, another of those stores that stand out for vintage and are among the most recognized in the country. He went on to earn degrees in animal behavior and zoology from the University of Chicago and Duke University. He began collecting insects, frogs and turtles at age four. 1,630 1. After studying zoology and animal behavior at the University of Chicago, George moved to Knoxville for a research job at the University of Tennessee. Both of these were extremely well researched and useful resources for … Gruhn has written articles for The Music Trades magazine and other periodicals. There’s a high degree of risk. Since 1991 I have purchased four copies of George Gruhn’s guide in the First Edition and three copies in the 2nd Edition. CompanyDirectorCheck.com provides free information about company directors, company owners and shareholders from United Kingdom. Photo: Billy Mitchell, courtesy George Gruhn. Martin had a model system from 17 on up through 45: 17, 18, 21, 28, 42, 45. George's reported annual income is about $60 - 69,999; with a net worth that tops $100,000 - $249,999. ... Well worth the extra investment, as it turns out. George Gruhn continues talking about the difference between vintage and merely old instruments - this time, focusing on electric guitar. That’s more money than I spent for my house. Registered Member. He is an expert on vintage American guitars and related instruments. Gibson's Harp Guitar Patent Filed Nov 9, 1908 Granted July 19th, 1910. Both of these were extremely well researched and useful resources for the guitar collector and researcher. If you’re a musician and you have a Telecaster and a Stratocaster and an ES-175 and an ES-335 and a few flat tops and you’re using them and playing sessions every day, that’s not a collection. Used by Jimi Hendrix on stage at Woodstock, including Jimi's famous rendition of "The Star Spangled banner." Reproduction tuners and neck has a repaired crack through the tuner holes. There also ought to be some cohesiveness to a collection. I recently sold one this month for $375,000, and actually, I’ve seen a few bring more than that. George Gruhn, owner of Gruhn's in Nashville, says the first one has the serial number 0100. I checked the classified ads and the Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune. If you are very knowledgeable, you can buy at flea markets, pawnshops, eBay, whatever, but you’ve got to know your stuff. These are things that you don’t see a lot of. Gibson SG, George Harrison and John Lennon – $570,000. As a college student, Mom and Dad were willing to buy me one good guitar, and a good guitar back then didn’t cost near as much as a good guitar today. Generation X and Y never did much to support me in the past and they still don’t. I still like pretty much the same things that I started out with, but I don’t have that much of a collection now. I will respond promptly. For over 25 years I’ve been a full-time picker and on most of those trips it was just me, my van, and a radio. They’re rare, so you wouldn’t find very many even back then. DM: How did you get started? 7. As you get to be a better player, the one that sounded good or felt good to you before no longer feels or sounds so good now. It’s worth the hype if you believe it. ... it would be worth about my entire current net worth. “Guitars, which are the ultimate collectible, can be looked at, touched, listened to and played,” he says. Gruhn Guitars in Nashville is a global hub for vintage guitar collectors. ... by having a Gruhn or Carter market this for them. They weren’t going to buy me all these other things that I wanted to keep, and the only way I could afford to keep any was to wheel and deal. Anyway, it didn't sell that way. There’s a surprising amount of collectors in Japan. From ’76 through ’84, many of these guitars didn’t even keep up with inflation. Even back then when they were still relatively cheap, the problem was finding one. Over the years, his customers have included everyone from Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Eric Clapton to Neil Young, Vince Gill and Billy Gibbons.

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